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Wykorzystanie potencjału
ośrodków innowacji dla rozwoju
firm technologicznych

17-19 May 2016

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The mission of the Association established in 1992 is to support the creation and development of innovative enterprises and regions through factual and organizational support of organizers and management personnel of innovation and business centres in Poland. Currently, PBICA has above 200 members from innovation and business centres, as well as other institutions operating in the field of promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, technology transfer and regional development.

The aim of the Association is to:

The Association pursues its mission by:

The Association serves as a network which coordinates and inspires people and organisations supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, technology transfer and regional development. The Association maintains professional contacts with over 600 innovation and business centres, the majority of which are technology parks and incubators, technology transfer centres, business incubators, loan funds as well as training and consulting centres.

PBICA is a non-governmental institution with a strong expert base actively participating in open debates on preparation of strategy and programme documents on the regional, domestic and EU level as far as innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and regional development are concerned.

MIT Enterprise

MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) is a global organization of dedicated professionals with local chapters, affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through MIT Technology Review.

We help early-stage technology entrepreneurs succeed faster through relevant and practical programming and content to help them tackle real-world challenges. We are open to and engage all participants of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

StartSmart is a one-day MIT Enterprise Forum conference that inspires, connects, coaches, and informs technology entrepreneurs to succeed faster and smarter. Through curated, relevant, and experience-based programming, entrepreneurs gain the knowledge that will help them take their venture to the next step.

StartSmart offers versatile learning opportunities, crafted on the premise that successful entrepreneurship is a learned art, when supported with a practical and proven methodology.

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